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A criminal arrest prompts feelings of panic and, if handled incorrectly, the consequences can follow you for a lifetime. Criminal charges will disrupt your career, family, financial stability and daily routine. All the complexities of the legal system make resolving a problem on your own confusing and infuriating. To combat the charges you need to find a highly experienced Tampa attorney who will confront the charges and fight for the preservation of your rights. You will find you get everything you need with the Demosthenous Law Firm.

A leading Tampa law firm with a history of high-quality representation Centrally located in Tampa, Florida, the Demosthenous Law Firm has dedicated its practice to reaching the best possible outcome for all clients. In addition to skillfully combatting all potential criminal charges, attorney Charley Demosthenous is a firm believer in keeping clients personally informed about each aspect of their case as it progresses. The legal representation you choose to retain will build the foundation to the outcome of your case, Mr. Demosthenous understands this and will go the extra mile to achieve positive results.

“I have spent my entire career defending people and ensuring their freedom. I understand that achieving the best results for my clients requires a toughness and knowledge of the system that can be learned only by years in the trenches.” – Charley Demosthenous

The Demothenous Law Firm


The Demosthenous Law Firm is equipped to handle numerous types of criminal cases, including:

Two reasons to hire a qualified Florida criminal defense attorney:

  • You do not know what you are doing. This will sound harsh, but it is true. A Tampa criminal defense attorney, like Charley Demosthenous, spends years learning how to properly handle representation in a complex case.
  • You do have rights. Most people who are arrested and facing criminal charges find that they do not know the full scope of their rights.

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