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Domestic Violence in Florida

Domestic violence is a charged topic in Hillsborough County and is aggressively prosecuted by specially trained prosecutors. The crime of domestic violence can include:

- Assault.
- Aggravated assault.
- Battery.
- Aggravated battery.
- Sexual assault.
- Sexual battery.
- Stalking.
- Aggravated stalking.
- Kidnapping.
- False imprisonment.

It is important to understand that it is not advisable to attempt to resolve a domestic violence matter without the help of an experienced attorney, because a plea can result in:

- Mandatory jail time.
- A permanent criminal record.
- Potential deportation.
- Ineligibility for expungement.
- Court ordered counseling.

Contact Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Charley Demosthenous

If you or a family member are facing domestic violence charges, call the Demosthenous Law Firm today at 813-857-8237 to schedule a free case consultation.


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