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Burglary in Florida

In Florida, there are three types of burglary:

- Burglary of a structure.
- Burglary of a conveyance.
- Burglary of a dwelling or residence.

A Hillsborough County burglary can be committed in one of two ways:

- Entering a conveyance, structure or dwelling with the intent to commit a crime.
- Lawfully entering a dwelling, structure or conveyance, but then secretly remaining hidden therein with the intent to commit a crime.

The penalties for a Tampa burglary
Penalties for burglary in Florida will depend upon which type of burglary with which you find yourself charged:

- Burglary of a dwelling.
- Burglary of an occupied structure.
- Burglary of an unoccupied structure.
- Burglary of a conveyance.

Contact Burglary Defense Lawyer Charley Demosthenous

If you or a family member are facing burglary charges, call the Demosthenous Law Firm today at 813-857-8237 to schedule a free case consultation.


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